Fall in Vermont with an Unexpected Companion

Inspired by a wander up Camel’s Hump in the fall; when death is in air but she’s oh so pretty.

Death rises from the shadows as the leaves start to fall. All manner of brilliant colors scatter to the ground on her whim. A blanket of stolen gold covers the roots of trees that slowly turn skeletal in her presence.

Camel's Hump - Vermont

Death skips behind you on the trail. Breezing over the slick rocks and tree roots that slow your careful steps. Teasing you with playful laughter as you clamber up rough stone staircases. She calls through the rain for you to find her hidden in the hardy evergreens that remain immune to her games.

Camel's Hump - Vermont

Death rides high on the breeze. Relishing the rough weather on the mountaintop. Daring you to press on through the screaming wind and follow her to the clouds above. Or perhaps the rocks below. Not persuaded by her dark seduction, you take the safe path back down into the forest. But not without a backwards glance.

Camel's Hump - Vermont

Death dances in tree tops bright as flames. Plucking vibrant leaves from their precarious perches and leaving them to twirl in the breeze. The brightest she gathers to set in her silken tresses. It wont be long before her touch turns this place to a world of white ice. But today her brow is wreathed in fire.

Listening to: Guitar Solo 3 – Neil Young


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