Cycling and poetry on Lake Champlain

Besides being a wonderful little town, Burlington has my favourite place to cycle of anywhere I’ve been. There’s a 7.5 mile bike path that follows the lakeside, making its way through some gorgeous bits of forest, and finally coming to a long causeway where you can cycle pretty much on top of the lake. It’s a nice easy cycle with consistently beautiful scenery all the way along. I got a beautiful sunny day for this one and the whole thing made me extremely poetic so if you’ll excuse me…

The sun casts warm eyes across the calm morning. A sleepy breeze conducts boats and wind chimes in a peaceful clinking orchestra as you pedal your way along the lakeside. You leave the town behind and lazily overtake rusty skeletons of dead trains. In places you can still see the old tracks submerged in the concrete beneath your wheels.

Burlington, Vermont

The path enters a leafy archway where the click of gears is answered by the rustling of rascally trees. A green speckled corridor guides your way, broken by airy windows thrown open to the views across the water. Bird-shaped silhouettes chase spiralling heels as you take flight across the forest floor. Is there anything so beautiful as the fleeting tattoos of light that race across your forearms? Wood-sprite skin where the sun sneaks through the golden canopy overhead.

Burlington, Vermont

The landscape opens up as you race out over the water. The lake closes in on both sides, framed by smudged mountain ranges at each shoreline. Trees have already begun to rust golden, defying the hot summer day. Pockets of fiery leaves glow bright and fierce along the causeway.

Burlington, Vermont

The water is a stormy grey that flashes electric in the sunlight. It’s strange to roam along the water’s edge without the salty tang of the sea. No thunderous tides and sticky warm breezes. The air that streams off the water is crisp, clean, and smells of sunlit mountain tops. You rest your legs on the shore and gaze out into the haze of distant thunderstorms.

Listening to: Dice – Finley Quay


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